Simmy Kaur

Simmy Kaur is an ambitious person, always on the lookout for an opportunity. She moved to New Zealand about 10 years ago and has lived there since.

Having worked with various roles, she brings extensive experience in helping people and managing work. She has worked in roles such as Customer Service, Business Support, and System Administrator during her early years of work in NZ. Later, she followed her passion for teaching and started making online English tutorials and teaching students online a couple of years ago.

Along with that, she has a passion for making an impact on the IELTS and PTE industry and working really, really hard toward making an online portal for students which will have both paid and free versions of it.

Simmy has further followed her passion and has taken a big step to expand in India by opening up her first branch of Silver Fern in Kapurthala, Punjab.

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